Tmpf Records

The artistic mission at Tmpf is to provide a home for artists to create conceptual jazz-oriented projects, to document inspired spontaneous performances and to explore jazz composition as concert music.  Instead of holding artists to some strict stylistic aesthetic, Tmpf holds artists to a high standard of creative honesty.  Instead of defining jazz in narrow traditional terms, Tmpf looks at jazz as the evolutionary phenomenon it is, driven by the spirit of improvisation.   In its first two months, Tmpf released 3 distinctly different albums by founder Mike Davis, setting the stage for what promises to be an eclectic and stylistically diverse label.  I See Better With My Eyes Closed is a pianoless quartet album which marries the lyrical and the abstract deftly.  It Won’t Get Dark is an incredibly intense and probing duo album featuring Mike Davis on acoustic bass and Niclas Hoglind on acoustic guitar.  The two play expertly crafted and arranged songs with an almost psychic level of communication during solos.  Fortunes and Hat-tricks, Vol. 1 features music spontaneously composed by Mike Davis, Jacob Duncan and Jason Tiemann using 2 innovative improvisation techniques.  The three improvisers work as one composer – defining and refining roles, themes and abstractions all while simultaneously leading and submitting, creating canvas and paint and piece all in a moment.

The financial mission at Tmpf is one of sustainability.  Tmpf is an acronym meaning ‘the most possible forever’.  Tmpf is not a label that will depend on a certain level of sales in order to keep its doors open and its catalogue available.  Each and every project’s costs will be covered via fundraising and pre-sales before production begins, and each project will be a cooperative endeavor between label and artist.  Budgets are kept trim, CDs are pressed only if the budget allows and there is a demand for it, and creative teams are intimate keeping costs low and artistic visions pure.  The staff at Tmpf is very streamlined, consisting of CEO and founder Mike Davis, in-house producer Mike Davis, graphics and design department Mike Davis, A&R Mike Davis and promoter Mike Davis.  This dedicated and enthusiastic staff works efficiently by sharing a single vision.

Below you can listen to all the songs on every Tmpf album.  Don’t overlook the buttons on the top right-hand corner of each player – one looks like a shopping cart, the other like an envelope.  Click on those, and great things start to happen.

Enjoy good music….enjoy Tmpf!