Mike’s Weekly Playlist #4

IMG_5481Playlist for Friday Mar 7, 2014:

1.  Arietis by Freddie Hubbard from the album “Ready for Freddie” (Blue Note)
2.  Wild Flower by Wayne Shorter from the album “Speak No Evil” (Blue Note)
3.  Chick’s Tune by Blue Mitchell from the album “The Thing To Do” (Blue Note)
4.  Growing Pains by Lee Morgan from the album “Infinity” (Blue Note)
5.  Venus Di Mildew by Hank Mobley from the album “A Caddy For Daddy” (Blue Note)
6.  Mo’ Joe by Horace Silver from the album “The Cape Verdean Blues” (Blue Note)
7.  Consequence by Jackie McLean from the album “Consequence” (Blue Note)
8.  Caribbean Fire Dance by Joe Henderson from the album “Mode For Joe” (Blue Note)
9.  Three Bags Full by Herbie Hancock from the album “Takin’ Off” (Blue Note)
10.  If by Larry Young from the album “Unity” (Blue Note)

I’m in the mood for classic Blue Note bad-assery this week.  I hope you are, too!



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