Truly unique and uniquely true…

Fortunes and Hat-Tricks, Vol. 1 is available today on iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify, Mog….you name it!  You can also go directly to the Music Store on the Tmpf Records Facebook page to listen and purchase –

here’s a little about it:

This is an album featuring me on double bass, Jacob Duncan on Alto Sax and Jason Tiemann on drums. All songs were spontaneously composed by the trio.

There were 2 compositional concepts employed. The first I call Fortunes. I have collected 100’s of fortunes from fortune cookies over many years. Each member is given a small pile of them. We take turns drawing them. The ‘player’ who draws a fortune reads it aloud and then begins the piece. There is no discussion whatsoever about style, tempo, key, mood. We just use the fortune as a jumping off point and as an evocative title. We listen to each other for the development of themes. Truly the only rules are to listen and compose. I use the word ‘compose’ to suggest that we are not just improvising aimlessly on our instruments, but that we are open to discovering and playing a specific role within each spontaneous composition in order to instrumentally evoke the feeling of the title. Whether we are successful is totally subjective. FYI, we never listened back to anything in the studio. There was no point. Each title is discarded forever once performed live or in the studio.

The second concept employed I call Hat-Tricks. Each player writes some sort of brief instruction for another player on a slip of paper. The instruction can be abstract, musically specific, anything at all. Before each piece, each player draws a slip and reads the instruction to himself. The piece begins when each player agrees they understand their own instruction, but they do not discuss or reveal them to the others. The resulting piece is a collaborative effort where each player is bound only by his interpretation of the brief instruction he drew. Once again, the only rules are to listen and compose.

here’s a sample track…enjoy: It Is a Silly Fish That Is Caught Twice With the Same Bait

here’s another: Hat-Trick #3



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