OK, so I’ve been a busy bee

Well, 2 out of 3 of my new albums are out there in the online digital downloadable world now.  I See Better With My Eyes Closed and It Won’t Get Dark are both available wherever fine digital representations of music are sold.  Seriously, though, I’m excited and proud and really having fun with my new baby, Tmpf Records.  I created this label to help me organize my releases and give them a conceptual home.  I have every intention of being obnoxiously prolific, and I also plan on being equally eclectic in terms of musical style.  Tmpf will be the perfect place for my artistic pendulum.  At the moment I just have a Facebook page for the label, but it’s already decently put together and offers a place to sample some of the music and buy all of it.  Here’s where to go for that:


Soon I should be sharing some press as well as some show dates.  That’s next for sure, but meanwhile I hope you’ll go and check out the music available so far.

happy listening, people!




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