cropped-img_0246.jpgHi there.  My name is Mike Davis, and I make music.  I am a bass player, composer, producer, and owner of a small but mighty record label called Tmpf Records.  On this site you will find music of mine to buy, music of mine to hear, information about and examples of music I’ve helped others make, videos of me making music with folks, random and not so random thoughts I have regarding music, a calendar of events wherein you may have an opportunity to witness me making music… there’s a lot of music here, and there’s a lot of me as well.  I do hope you enjoy what you hear and read.  I also hope you’ll head over to Facebook and like me there, and I hope you’ll check out Tmpf Records, too.  Thanks for stopping by.  I look forward to seeing you virtually and in person again and again and again…